Thursday, October 4, 2012

Work and My Assistant

Work has been incredibly tough of late. With my assistant artist submitting his resignation letter, I've been forced to take on all our brands. That includes designs for a vast range of clients: from dental products to liquor, hair care and hair styling, hotdogs and meat products, real estate, health care and pharmaceuticals, energy drinks, spice and baking products, to condoms and banking. It's a wonder I haven't posted anything this September, but still, I am thankful for all the projects.

For any who are wondering, I'm the Creative Director of my company. Well, it is a small company, and through the years, I've trained graphic artists who now have come and gone. Now, my artist who has been with me for over five years has come to the decision to leave, perhaps to pursue a higher paying job - I really haven't gone through enough investigating, but I guess I will simply have to respect his decisions and be proud of what I helped make.

So far, I've got no new artworks to post (well, if you consider brand design, I've got hundreds of those!), so I'm simply going to post pictures of my beautiful, mean cat, Siomai.

I adopted him well over a year ago, and I think he's accustomed to me well. It seems I can't take away his 'meanness' completely, but I think he's gotten so much sweeter now. He stays up late by my side, trying not to sleep when I work late, and often reminds me that it's time to sleep. And when I do, he sleeps on my towel beside me, the whole day.

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