Friday, June 14, 2013

Caught Up in Conflict

I realize that I haven't posted any progress in almost a month, and it's probably because I've been caught up in some of the most inconvenient timings of both work and hobby schedules. Things have been a little 'tight'... I mean, feeling 'tight in the stomach', and I've been waiting to breathe a little. But enough of them little personal critters, and let me post some progress on the artwork:

It's my first time doing a scene where a lot is going on, and I'm struggling to focus on one element at a time. I had to adjust the characters' spacing, as I noticed there were some awkward spaces, especially in the sharp angle.There's still a lot of loose ends, and I wish I could finish them all before proceeding with with hands, which I admit is a great movement indicator in a composition. Oh and the flames, I may need to learn how to make proper fire and add more colors, but this will have to do for the moment. So far, I'm around 60% satisfied. Hopefully when I finish this, I hit my 100%.

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