Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Depressed with Elaida a'Roihan

Having a moderate case of Seasonal Affective Disorder today. Hopefully that’s just it, and nothing too serious. Feeling a little bit helpless about my future, not having a lot of resources to pull from, unlike so many of my colleagues and friends who have successful family members to turn to for help, or family investments to tap on in the future. Seems so easy for them when everything’s laid out already, all they have to do is check, check, check. Well, as for me… I have to plant things yet, and hope they grow. Well, so far the things that grow have become stagnant, and I’ve very few choices to make.

Anyway, I wouldn’t want to depress anyone else, so I’m saturating myself with happy food for the rest of the day. A double dose of coffee, chocolate doughnuts, and later some hot cocoa. I’m planning to fix the garden today, that always makes me happy, but only if it doesn’t rain anymore, and only when people start to leave the office. I should probably print out my Sketchup dream house, and draft it in the moleskin.

Unfortunately an email (one of many) came up again for more revisions on our projects. Maybe I’ll just delegate this and forget about it for the meantime.  I’m beginning to love these sarcastically hilarious quotes from my friend’s FB wall, and I think this one is appropriate:

Haha. True, true. 

To get my blood flowing a bit and refocus this stream of sad energy into a raging waterfall of activity, I'm posting another Aes Sedai. The one everyone loves to hate. Elaida.

Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, The (Usurping) Amyrlin Seat from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series 

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