Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flooded with Liandrin

It's been a week-long downpour here in Manila, and everyone is on edge. Here in the Philippines, it's the floods that cause the most worries, and the most damage. The capital which is a narrow strip of land flanked by the Pacific and the West Philippine Sea, is below sea level, and peppered by lakes and rivers on the northern and southern areas. In short, there's no other way but up!

See sample picture from http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/244095/death-toll-from-floods-rises-to-51

The government has already declared that there be no work today for private offices, so that means I get to rest a little. I came up with a slight fever last night, after exposing myself to my plague-ridden, sniveling colleagues, and then rushing into the rain to buy something from the nearest 7-11. The cold, moist weather is making it worse, but then I got my cat all bundled up beside me providing a little warmth, so I guess it's not so bad :)

Posting some more digital art, in line with the nasty weather is a nasty Aes Sedai. Well, maybe not so nasty... Liandrin. http://library.tarvalon.net/index.php?title=Liandrin

Liandrin Sedai, of the Red Ajah (and Black Ajah) from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series

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