Monday, August 13, 2012

New Stuff and Painting One (Part Three)

Dammit, I can't put the pen down. As soon as I've stopped working for the day, I immediately grabbed the pen and started painting right away!

Here's the painting progress so far...  

Verin Mathwin Unfinished

After hours of trying different techniques, I've finally found the most comfortable and easiest way to digitally paint: Splash on the darker colors, and let the light ones define the picture.

I don't think I mentioned how tired I am of seeing 'static' portraits of the Wheel of Time characters. Everything you see is a studio portrait, where the character seems to stand or sit still, and 'pose for the camera'. Well, to deviate from that, I'm aiming to paint Verin Mathwin in a very dynamic scenario! (By the way, I'm still at 1/4th of the entire painting!). Here's a closer look:

Verin Mathwin Unfinished Closeup

I've also added some symbolic touches of my own: a black sash for a belt, and white under-sleeves. I'm sure you Wheel of Time readers will understand ;-)

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