Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Stuff and Painting One (Part Two)

So far, so good. I've taken some new approaches to my painting style, and it seems that I will always revert back to my style 10 years ago. I'll try hard to flex these point-of-view muscles as much as I can, but as for now I will have to do what feels comfortable.

After sketching the layout, I proceed with some details. As I've often said, I like to put intricacies last, most artists (like those who love comics), start with most details, almost to the point of finishing it off. I kinda jump right in with the layout, coloring first, then applying the details. Sometimes, doing both at the same time.

Bear with me, I've been off painting for more than a decade. Here's the progression...

I noticed that too much detail on faces causes the pixels to merge (unpleasantly) when zoomed out. So here I tried to minimize the facial features - believe me, I've a hard job restraining myself.

Verin Mathwin Painting

Well, I guess I'm a little satisfied. Not too ecstatic about it, but for a first, I'm quite happy with it. By the way, I'm sure all you Wheel of Time fans out there would have recognized the character from the 'plumpness' and colors used. It's Verin Mathwin! Know more about her at:

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