Monday, August 6, 2012

Liking Blogspot with Teslyn Baradon

Ok, I'm actually kinda liking this new interface of blogger as compared to the previous they had. I may have to post more things here other than the Wheel of Time art! Anyway, since I have a few hours free waiting for my work's feedback... Here's another Aes Sedai, Teslyn.

Teslyn Baradon, and Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series

I tried making her a little less eye candy, but I can't bear to see an honorable character go fugly. Even so, I wanted to show her doing one of those Aes Sedai hand-wavings with her bony fingers, and I think I've achieved a nice energetic swirl of sorts. Here's a close up.

Teslyn Baradon Aes Sedai

Agelessness does fade a bit when there's fire light around, but I think I can have a looker guess a little with the age. Click the link to know more about her:

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